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The Wallpaper Delivery Service

The service delivers to you recomedentations of wallpapers from pictures in Internet. With the application, "photostand", you can change the wallpaper of your desktop with recommended wallpapers automatically.

What the service is.

There are many wonderful pictures on the Internet, but it is not very easy to use them. When you want to use one as a wallpaper, you search pictures and select one, save it into your PC, open the file property menu and select the saved file from it. If there are 1000 beautiful pet pictures available, you won't do such procedure 1000 times, but computers should do it automatically. The service provide you this function.

The server has a database of puictures available on the Internet, and you specify a keyword as a input, it returns a URL of a picture matched with the keyword. It works like a search engine of images.
wallpaper server and the internet
You can use the service conveniently with the application, Photostand.

Picture Database

The picture database is created from the pictures provided by wikimedia, NASAImage and some big wallpaper site. The number of the pcitures registered is about 110,000 at Feb. 2010.
Please visit Thumbnail pages to see sample pictures for each keywords.

Specification of the service

The transaction is constructed by a sinple HTTP request and response.
Both GET or POST is OK for the request, and two options, "kyword" and "resolution", can be added. "resolution" is not used at this moment and ignored, and "keyword" is selected one from the following table.

methods GET, POST
parameter 1(keyword) "landscape",
patameter 2(resolution) 640x480, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200 etc



Response is a simple XML document, which contains URL of a picture like the following table.

xml declaration <?xml version="1.0"?>
Element photostandweb (Attribute: version)
Element picture


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<photostandweb version="1.1">

Search in the site

Internet Search

Do you have plans to develop something?

Nikep Software Lab. will contract your system constructions or application developments.
We can develop the followings; We are also ready to offer customized web applications providing on the site: for example special codec parameters, download servers for your costomer, reserved storage space, or etc.

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