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Web Services

Providing useful and free Services.

Sound File Converter for Cellular

The service enables you to convert sound/music files to another formats to be able to listen them on your cellular phone, PSP and similar equipments.

It is not easy to listen musics those you recorded or ripped from your own CDs on your digital equipment such as cellular phone. And it is more difficult to set them as a ringtone because of business issues. In Sound File Converter for Cellular enable you to change format of your file in a format to fit various equipments.

Pseudo Ringtone Sound Converter

It converts your sound file into a SMAF ringtone sound file, which is called as "Ese-Chakuuta (pseudo ringtone song)" in Japan and can be set as a ringtone on cellular phone supporting SMAF.

With many Japanese cellular phones, sound files converted by ">Sound File Converter for Cellular" service often can't be set as a ringtone, because of restrictions of phones. Even in the case SMAF files can be used as ringtones. Since many phones have size limitation for SMAF files and the compression rate for sound in SMAF is rather low, it would be able to contain sound data smaller than about 30 seconds.
The service provide you methods of conversion and copying to phones with 2D bar-code.

Video File Converter for Cellular

The service enables you to convert video files to another formats to be able to listen them on your cellular phone, PSP or similar equipments.

Video player (software) often says that it is invalid format, or unsupported codecs, when you playback videos those you recorded or others sent to you to ask to look. Video File Convertor for Celluler convert video files so as to be listen on cellular phones or other equipments.

Simulated Stereo Converter

It converts your music files with monaural sound into simulated stereo sound files.

If you have monaural files recorded with tape recorder or old recordings, you can enjoy them with stereo sound. It is best matched with historical classical recordings before 1950's, those are known as good performances and poor sounds. Such recordings are public domains now, and can be downloaded from web sites, such as Public Domain Classical Musics

Wallpaper Delivery Service

The service deliver beautiful pictures to your PC.

The service is a kind of "picture search", and you get a picture URL according to input a keyword.

Basic usage of the service is using from Photostandaapplication. So that you can set wallpapers of the desktop automatically with a specific interval. The application can change alternately to your own picture stored in local disks and delivered one with a configured ratio.

Input text to cellular phone with PC

It is difficult for me to input inputing charaters speedy. I think the situation of most people except high school girls must be the same, and we can do it speedy / easily with PC.

So in the service you can put texts on the form, and then transfer them into cellualr phone through QR code. The method may support applications of cellular, such as inputting address / subject / body on a mail, or URL on browser, basically

Favicon Creator

The service create a Favicon from your own picture file.

If there is a favicon on your site, users can see it on address bar, tab bar or bookmark of the site. In the linked page, "Favicon Creator", you can create a favicon file from your designed picture or photograph. The detailed description is available on Wikipedia, (See Favicon for detail. Basically, the format of them is "Windows Icon file" and it is not easy to create a normal draw software such as paint nor gimp.

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Do you have plans to develop something?

Nikep Software Lab. will contract your system constructions or application developments.
We can develop the followings; We are also ready to offer customized web applications providing on the site: for example special codec parameters, download servers for your costomer, reserved storage space, or etc.

If you feel interesting, please take a look at here for details.
Please contact me, if you have comments or questions.
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